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The mom view

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Moms may be the last out the door but they tend to snag the best seat in the house and the reason is quite simple.

The mom, the delighted caboose.

The mom, last out the door for grabbing anything and everything that might be needed.

The mom, who has never been more happy to be last in line.

The mom, grateful for the one first in line… for guiding, teaching, and playing.

The mom, in awe of the young who waddle somewhere in between… and the questions, comments and ‘isms’ that make each one awesome.

The mom, hanging back to give a little extra push or a hand to hold and a reminder that I will works better than I can’t.

The mom, full of all crazy thoughts and concern plus all good thoughts and joy.

The mom, capturing the thousands of moments as the group – and time - marches on.

The mom view.

It’s the best view.

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