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Next level parties: how event expert Stef Cove does it and how you can too

As we quickly approach the holiday season, let’s get inspired! Paige Kornblue catches up with destination event designer, Stef Cove -- a gal who brings perfection to any table and every party with ease

Stefanie Cove and Company, as featured on www.paigekornblue.com

If you have a party to plan, big or small, and you need a top-notch event planner or just a little inspiration for your holiday table, have I got the gal for you.

Meet Stefanie Cove, owner and creative director of Stefanie Cove and Company, a global event design and production company based in Los Angeles.

Stefanie Cove, owner and creative director of Stefanie Cove and Company, as featured on www.paigekornblue.com

Stefanie specializes in worldwide event production for high-profile clientele and notable brands. She is known for her refined taste and is truly one of the top event planners in the business.

Name an event planner ‘Best of’ list and she’s on it.

Name a big-name celebrity and she’s probably worked with them or has some sort of fun story to tell. But… she may not share that story... she might just keep it a secret... and that’s why the celebs love and respect her.

She is discreet. She is sweet. She is trustworthy. And oh, how she is talented.

Stefanie Cove and Company, as featured on www.paigekornblue.com

Stefanie Cove has planned parties for celebrities including Molly Sims, Karlie Kloss and Coldplay, just to name a few. She pays attention to detail, adds personal touches and makes everything look perfectly in place without it looking too perfect. She says she really is just a problem solver and psychologist. And I believe it!

Let’s just say Stef has come a long way since the high school parties we would plan in homeroom.

Stefanie’s career began at The Breakers Hotel, a legendary Palm Beach oceanfront resort. It continued at The Little Nell -- Aspen, Colorado’s 5-Star, 5-Diamond Hotel. And in 2017, she founded Stefanie Cove and Company in West Hollywood, California. The company also has a strong presence in New York City or wherever a fabulous party is calling...

. . . .

Paige Kornblue: What do you consider to be your event planning style?

Stef Cove: Low stress…anticipation and long range planning to make for a seamless, enjoyable process.

Did you grow up wanting to be an event planner?

Not exactly. I wanted to be an FBI agent… but somehow along the way got into hospitality. Luckily for me, I get to use those FBI instincts once in a while.

Do you plan events big or small and from any location?

We generally plan larger events, although we have wonderful clients who we plan intimate gatherings for and from locations all over the world…to include California, New York, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, France, Italy, Spain, the Caribbean, Mexico…the list goes on.

What do you love about your job?

That it is always different - always exciting and never quite the norm.

Who are your role models and mentors?

My parents for sure. They are hard workers with strong moral compasses that always point me in the right direction. I also found a role model in my very first boss in Washington DC who worked incredibly hard and truly inspired me.

Do you have a fun and spectacular event planning story you can share with us?

The nice thing with what we do is make the impossible possible. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of stories (or maybe I’m just not allowed!) of what we have pulled off. Our team is made up of a handful of amazing women who work tirelessly and all from the heart. It really has taught me that we can pretty much do anything - even if we have very little time, language barriers or need to figure out an unreasonable amount of details in a day.

From tricking paparazzi, to having two months to plan a complicated wedding in a foreign country, to cleaning up and re-landscaping after a massive hurricane… we have seen it all.

What tips do you have for the common house or dinner party? How can busy hosts and hostesses, who may not have that perfect artistic touch (like, ahem, me!), entertain successfully?

Candlelight is an important tool. I suggest investing in lovely hurricanes and votives. The hurricanes will lighten up a front door entry and the space in general. Stringer lights are also a great addition to a backyard. A fun napkin can change a whole tablescape. And if you are super busy - I always think hiring a caterer will make a world of difference. It’s impossible to fit in time to cook when you are expecting a houseful of people (that is one thing I do not do!).

Where can we shop for housewares that can be used time and time again to make a table and house look fabulous?

Sur la Table, CB2 and sometimes Williams Sonoma for housewares and candles!

How has coronavirus affected your company and the industry?

The coronavirus has been devastating to our industry. Luckily, since we handle so many social events, our events have all moved to 2021.

On a lighter note, this is probably the best time for your smaller/more intimate parties. How have you made those special for clients?

We have been focusing on intimate events - and started “Cove Curations” - so our clients are able to have the decor, food and beverage and any other details handled for them at our level of quality and design. As always, we focus on the small details that really stand out.

For more event inspo by Stef Cove and team, follow Stef on Instagram @stefcoveco

To contact Stefanie Cove and Company,

call 323.509.4617 or email contact@stefaniecove.com

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