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How to get a mom of three out of her sneakers and into hosting heels

Highlighting those who generously donated their time, tulle and talents to give back and get emcee Paige Kornblue ready for the ball...room

Did you see the glitz and glamour?

The sparkles, the shimmies, the smiles and steps all over the Ballroom Battle dance floor?

Ballroom Battle 2020, benefitting the George Snow Scholarship Fund

The much anticipated Ballroom Battle dance and fundraising competition was held on-air and online worldwide this season to bring the event safely into homes in response to COVID-19. The event, typically held at the legendary Boca Raton Resort & Club, raised $660,000 for the George Snow Scholarship Fund and the scholars it serves.

Event organizers teamed up with Komar Productions, Inc. to create an actual ballroom in WPTV (NBC) NewsChannel 5's Studio B -- quite a different vibe from the station's Studio A, where co-emcee Glenn Glazer and I teamed up for many years on the anchor desk!

Co-emcees Glenn Glazer and Paige Kornblue

I have had the honor of being asked to emcee this event since its inception in 2008. During that time, I have only missed one year because I was about to birth a baby!

And because of my now three babies, life is a bit hectic. On most days, I’m lucky to down a cup of coffee and get my hair brushed before running out the door (ladies, I know you feel me!) so primping for an emcee event is always great fun – but never easy.

Here are some details about how it all came together thanks to teamwork and touches from the world's finest designers and hairstylists and even a makeup designer for the stars!


nina raynor, one of America’s most respected designer boutiques, graciously provided the gorgeous emcee gown for Ballroom Battle 2020.

Tulle and all-over mini metallic squares added cascading movement to this Alex Teih tiered gown, while a halter neckline and keyhole back finished up this beauty with a polished feel.

Paige Kornblue models an Alex Teih Couture gown from nina raynor

At nina raynor, bling is also their thing. The Barrera pendant clip earrings I wore featured jet crystals and rhinestones. The store carries jewelry, clutches, scarves and even marvelous masks (prettier ones than my own as seen below).

With Bobby Wollenberg at the helm, I’m pretty sure you won’t find better customer service than at this boutique. Bobby's mother, Joanne, took over the Delray Beach store in the early 1980’s – a store that first opened in 1958 and one that has always provided ease, elegance and an experience. Whether you’re looking for designer evening wear, special occasion, mother of the bride/groom or a special order, you’ll find it at nina raynor and most importantly, you’ll feel comfortable and have fun doing so. Two or three generations shop this store - it appeals to all ages and stages - my mom was a huge fan, as am I.

The store is thankfully being covid-careful, so if you need a dress, be sure to call first to setup a private appointment.


Many of Boca’s Best turn to the team at Everything Hair for the latest and greatest styles, cuts, color and treatments – and for Ballroom Battle, I got to step right in! What I love about this place is you get super style from down-to-earth stylists. Owner and stylist, Peyton Regalado, created my elegant ponytail for Ballroom Battle this year and has worked her magic with my hair many times before. Peyton has styled hair in South Florida for nearly 30 years and is originally from New Orleans, so you know she’s got style... and some good stories!

For Ballroom Battle, we wanted to feature the gown's keyhole back and halter neckline so went with an elegant ponytail updo. Peyton added instant volume and length using two extension clips and lots of lift.

Talent here is all in the family. Peyton's daughter, Everything Hair stylist Amanda Wilhelmus, did a beautiful job with the color.


Celebrity Face Designer, Tim Quinn, added the final touches to my Ballroom Battle look with flawless makeup!

It is quite an honor to sit in this Giorgio Armani Beauty designer’s chair, as he’s worked with dozens of celebrities including Brooke Shields, Diane Lane, Debra Messing, Gwen Stefani, Hilary Swank, Glenn Close and Victoria Beckham.

Celebrity Face Designer Tim Quinn works his magic as he prepares emcee Paige Kornblue for Ballroom Battle 2020
Celebrity Face Designer Tim Quinn and Emcee Paige Kornblue

Tim has worked his makeup magic backstage at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes and at many other shows around the world. Tim competed as a dancer in Ballroom Battle last year and was calm enough to do my makeup before the show then too!

Giorgio Armani Beauty Celebrity Face Designer Tim Quinn preps emcee Paige Kornblue moments before Ballroom Battle 2019
Giorgio Armani Beauty's Tim Quinn helps prep emcee Paige Kornblue at the Boca Raton Resort & Club, 2019
Fashion Designer Jesus Estrada puts the finishing touches on emcee Paige Kornblue's gown; Ballroom Battle 2019, Boca Raton Resort & Club
Ballroom Battle 2019: Makeup by Tim Quinn ~ Gown by Jesus Estrada (pictured) ~ Hair by Everything Hair

On a personal note, I'm not sure what I admire more about Tim Quinn – they way he masters makeup or the way he cares for his aging mother. Just like I was with my parents, Tim is his mother’s primary caregiver. He doesn’t let her challenges get them down – in fact, he not only lifts “Glams” (as he calls her) up, but the rest of us too as he shares their adventures on Instagram. It is so refreshing to see someone carry out the caregiving job the way Tim does. He makes it look easy... just like he does with his marvelous makeup techniques. Tim Quinn is currently taking virtual appointments (contact him via @timquinnbeauty).

For Ballroom Battle 2020, Tim used the following Armani beauty products on me:

Luminous Silk Compact Powder Foundation (5)

Luminous Silk Concealer (4)

Eyes to Kill Eye Quattro Eyeshadow Palette (Festival)

Lip Maestro Liquid Lipstick (508)

Prima refreshing make-up fix mist

Cheers and so many thanks to #TimQuinnBeauty, #EverythingHairBoca and #ninaraynor for supporting me... and most importantly the George Snow Scholarship Fund for Ballroom Battle 2020!

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