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Becoming a Today Show Parenting Team contributor

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

It's the small things that sometimes open our eyes up to the big ones

When do we officially become grown-ups?

The New York Times recently featured a student opinion about it all. Is it when we turn 18 and legally become an adult? Is it when we turn 21? Or maybe when we are 25 - scientists say that's when our brains fully develop.

Do we ever truly grow up?

Whatever the case, it is different for each of us.

Over the past year, my joke has always been that playing weekly ladies tennis has made me feel like a grownup.

Not going to college and traveling the world. Not anchoring straight out of college and enjoying a television career for over a decade. Not getting married and having a baby. Not even then having twin babies. Or returning home to care for the wonderful parents that cared for me.

Nope, none of that made me STOP and think... I am a grownup.

Until one day last fall when I stepped on the court after being invited to play in a weekly ladies tennis clinic with this guy:

Todd Roth, tennis pro at the Boca Raton Resort & Club

And while he may seem goofy (and Todd is!), what I learn from him is not.

I learn much more about the game of tennis.... and put myself right up there where my mom was years ago - when she was certainly a grownup. While I was at school, she was busy doing all of the mom things. I now know that's a LOT of things - working, cooking, housekeeping, school signups and followups, kids activities, shuttling, volunteering, working out in fitness classes wearing leotards, leg warmers, headbands and scrunchie socks... AND playing ladies tennis. For my whole life, recreational ladies tennis was one of the signs of being a grownup.

Last fall, I had made it.

And today, another 'grownup sign' hit me - another pivotal moment in the life of Paige.

Today, I officially became a TODAY PARENTING TEAM contributor!

I have joined the #TODAYSHOW team and TODAY PARENTING community to share stories, support and advice. It is an opportunity to share my experiences as a parent, a daughter and a friend with you... and the world.

What a true honor (and one that makes me feel like a grown-up)!

Things come full circle -- TODAY operates out of 30 Rockefeller Plaza where I spent my collegiate summers interning for Dateline NBC and NBC Sports. Internships, several amazing TV anchor/reporting jobs (including many TODAY SHOW live chats with their talented team of anchors), a wedding, and three kiddos later.... here we are. I love sharing news and personal stories with you and can't wait to share more.

Please read along, share and grow (up) with me!

P.S. If you like what you read on TODAY PARENTING, please "vote it up" (as they say) -- your votes will help me get featured on the homepage.

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